We welcome you to St Oswald's

Many will know that the main body of our Church has been closed due to a serious infestation of Death Watch Beetle. The good news is that work has started on this iconic building so that it may return to its full and proper use. We thank all those who have contributed towards the ‘Save Our Church’ campaign; but the struggle goes on. Restoration to full use will take some years and during that time we continue to welcome donations. Contributions can be made by ‘pressing’ the ‘money’ icon on this or any page. Please refer to our news and events pages for the latest updates and for choices of how to help or donate.

The church stands on raised ground and there is strong evidence that Christianity has been practiced on the site for more than 1000 years. Today the church is only partially open due to problems with the roof of the Nave; however it remains a key part of the community with continuing services and ceremonies. You are welcome to visit any of our services, where you will be warmly welcomed, or indeed to donate towards the church’s ongoing presence and its future.